Jersey Tomatoes Year Round

I spoke with my Mom today.. she lives in Hawaii. We're from New Jersey most of our lives.

Anyway, she got the idea to find some Jersey Tomato items online. I was wondering if you guys had any other links to people who make Jersey Tomato items I can buy and ship to Hawaii.

She's already bought the following:

- 12 bottles of Jersey Tomato Ketchup. $58 includes shipping. I think she's crazy and you won't really taste the "jersey" tomato, but whatever.

- She also bought 2 cans of Jersey Tomato Sauce.. just plain old pureed tomatoes in a can I believe.

So far I've yet to turn up any other stuff online except for farms which I'd have to drive to go when they are open or a farmers market they attend.

Only thing is shipping to Hawaii was expensive, so the one item she had shipped to my Grandmother who will ship to her. 2 cans of Jersey Tomato Sauce for $2.52 each or something plus shipping.

She also bought like 12 bottles of ketchup made with Jersey Tomatoes for $58 lol. That included shipping.


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