is this cast iron worth saving?

So I moved into a new apartment last week and found a cast iron skillet in one of the kitchen drawers. It looks REALLY gross. Super caked on old burned food covering the entire thing, inside and out, it's actually worse on the outside then inside. And it's not coming off too easily. I don't really have the right tools (need to get some steel wool or a wire brush or something, my stiff plastic scrubber did NOTHING), but my question is if this thing is even worth the work I could put into cleaning and seasoning the thing, or if I should just buy a new one and season from there. The pan doesn't have a stamp or any identifying marks anywhere. It also doesn't feel particularly heavy, like I remember my mom's cast iron pan feeling. I know I've read lots of articles recently about how awesome old cast iron pans are, but I just don't know how to tell if one is particularly worth putting in the effort or if a new Lodge would be better.


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