How do you find motivation when you've lost it?

DH and I moved to a new apartment this summer, and it came with a downgraded kitchen (no dishwasher, limited storage, limited counter space, stove that turns the whole kitchen into a furnace). The combination of the downgraded kitchen and the loss of energy from moving made it easy just to go out for dinner for several weeks.

Now I'm trying to cook again, but I find I just don't care about it the way I used to. The thought of cooking when I get home, the effort to plan meals, to shop--I just find the whole thing an exhausting process. This never used to be true, and I want my cooking mojo back!

I've arranged to take a slightly shorter lunch break, so I can leave work a bit earlier and get home in time to actually make food before 7pm, which was part of the problem. So, now that I'll have more time (to make up for the loss of space), how do I reignite my passion for cooking?


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