Grocery Clerk - What Would You Do?

As of September, all Portland stores servicing food will put up posters announcing that: Pets are not allowed in food establishments, except service animals.

Which leads up to the story that I've encountered today...

Lady - Sir, there's a guy in the store with a really big dog. Pets are not allowed in the store right?

Me - No, Ma'am ... Ill go find the person and tell him.

I see a guy wearing shades on the baking isle looking at the brownie mixes, holding by the leash, a big Leonberger dog.

Me - Hi, sir... I'm sorry to tell you that we cannot have pets in the store.

Guy with dog - Oh... this is my seeing eye dog... I'm blind.

Me - Oh, I'm sooo sorry! Will you be needing any assistance?

Guy with dog - No thanks I'm used to this store by now. I know what I want.

As I started to walk away I picked up a bag of chocolate chips that was on the ground and looked back to see how he was doing and I realized...


Me - Sir... I see that your reading the label.

Guy with dog - Uhh... does that mean I have to leave?


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