Good foods to bring to sports games?

I've been a lurker here for a while, but now I need some advice on foods to bring to sports events!

I volunteered for the position of team "foodie," and I've been trying to think of some baked goods or simple dishes that are portable, cheap, individual, easy to make, and most importantly- foods that the whole team of athletic boys will love to eat up.

Besides the classic chocolate chip cookie or the plain-old cupcake, I'm a bit stuck for ideas.

While the items can be savory or sweet, they just need to be able to be simple enough so I can make them in our dorm kitchen (which is actually very nicely equipped- think classic modern kitchen with all the fixin's!), easy enough to make them a day or two in advance, and quick enough so I can finish in a couple of hours.

While some of the team's games are at home, others are pretty far and the dishes/baked goods would also need to be able to last a decently long bus ride. Our season also lasts until November, so I'm thinking keeping it in season would be nice- pumpkin muffins?

I'm also paying for this out of pocket, not from team funds, (around 25 boys btw), so it'd be nice if any of the foods could be done cheaply.

Any ideas?


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