From Love to Hate

What foods have you *hated* in the past that you now cannot live without?

It has happened to me three times now.

First with oysters, thought they were slimy, icky etc... and now I think having them any other way except natural is a waste. I can down dozens.

Second were olives. Picked them off my pizza, salad etc... And now black, green, stuffed, unstuffed, pitted, unpitted I'll take them all.

Lastly blue cheese. I can't even walk into a room if someone was eating it. YUCK! But now, the mouldier the better :9 A block a week girl I am.

Because of those three, if I hate something, I'll have a bite everytime I run into a food I hate, hoping one day I'll acquire the taste and be better off for it. Can't imagine going through life without oysters, olives and blue cheese. I was so missing out.

What are some foods you hated that took a while for you to acquire the taste of but now LOVE it? I want to try it :)


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