Confessions of a Gravy Master Addict

Hi, my name is Shawn and I'm a Gravy Master Addict.

As a kid whenever I'd see Gravy Master in my Grandmother's kitchen cabinet, I'd put a drop or two on my hand and lick it off.

As time went on, though, I craved that taste. If I knew it was in the house I had to sneak some.

My Grandmother wondered why they disappeared so quick and I said it wasn't me. So, she'd buy another bottle and it too would be gone in a day or two.

Back then there was no internet. If you're using it as much as I was it's pretty expensive. I couldn't just go online to their website and buy a whole case or see that they carry them in gallon bottles.

Look at the nutrition facts: Serving size 1/4 teaspoon Servings in a 2 ounce bottle: 48 Sodium: 30mg in 1 serving (1%DV), or 1440mg in a bottle (48%DV)

Yikes! As I'm sitting here typing I can't let go that there's some in my cabinet, nor can I let go that only tonight did I find out they sell gallon bottles and that I need one.

.. and for those of you who don't know of this tasty product I speak of:


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