Baby proofing the kitchen

Baby Ecca is a spunky one year old gal who likes to figure things out, including how to get into places she doesn't belong. Mommy Ecca likes to cook and has lots of "toys" not appropriate for baby who will suck on everything she finds. (seriously, fresh CSA peas, icky, peas somehow found on floor a week later, YUM!)

Right now I have a 24 pack of diet coke blocking access to the pots/pans that are too heavy for her. She has free access to the rubbermaid cabinet. I have some looping handle latches on the other cabinets, but it seems like only time before she figures them out. The knobs for the gas range are all in a cabinet (plus side my MIL can't reach them either:) stay our of my kitchen!) but the kid is still trying to open the oven door. I'm pretty careful about watching her, but I want to know about other's solutions, cause sometimes mommy just has to pee and the kid roams free


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