Used kitchen (small) appliances & cookware?!?

I'm a serious yard sale junkie and always on the look out for CLEAN (preferably in box with paperwork), things I'd like to try but not willing to pay REAL money for in a store.

FOund a "vintage" KA stand mixer for $19.99 at Goodwill. CLEAN, ran smooth, crank up/down bowl, whisk/paddle/dough hook. After a minimum of cleaning, taped everything off and spray painted it flat-black.

Found a Cuisinart food processor at a thrift store for $8... bought thinking a spare bowl, but ended up being a step up from what I already had.

A square, blue enamel exterior, LeCreuset cast iron grill pan... $5!

Today went looking for replacement coffee maker. One I have is a Gevalia that I've had for YEARS, but heated base part is just peeling away with every pot of coffee. Found a Cuisinart 12-cup that looked VERY clean. Checked on-line and was able to find manual and that it cost something like $90 new.

BEST "used" stuff is my ever growing collection of old cast iron stuff.


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