TV chef's. How have they inspired you?

I'm old. I'm really old. I'm pre-food blogging, Top Chef old. I'm pre-Iron chef, Emeril old. I go way back. I'm pre-Food Network, basic cable old. I'm PBS old. I watched first-run Julia. (Well, my mother did. I was 4.) I watched Julia, Graham Kerr, Jeff Smith, Martin Yan-on purpose-for entertainment as an child, adolescent and young adult. They without a doubt inspired me to appreciate food and learn how to cook. Because of them I started reading cookbooks and checked issues Gourmet out of the town library. (Okay, as an aside, I will admit the additional motivation that being a young guy in the early '80's who knew how to cook went a long way with the ladies.) I'm a first generation TV cooking show baby. My Italian father and grandmother planted the cooking seed, but it was nurtured by TV chefs. I'm still addicted to them. My DVR has stored the last 3 years of Lidia's Italy and every day I come home and watch a night's worth of cooking programming. So do you owe some of your love for cooking to TV chefs? Who have you been and are still inspired by?


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