The Weirdest Banana

In my co-op box (Bountiful Baskets) two weeks ago I received a bunch of bananas. They looked at the time like a slightly under-ripened version of what you would normally get at the grocery store. They're perhaps a bit more grey, if that makes sense.

Two weeks on, they haven't ripened nor changed in appearance AT. ALL. It's bizarre. I tried to open one today to check on it's progress but it would hardly peel and once I tried a tiny nibble of the flesh it was so bitter I thought I was munching on an alum stick.

I am resigned that these are not your average bananas but some kind of plantain perhaps (tho they are not long, skinny with a "sharp" edge to the peel like you'd expect or see normally) I know there are a billion kinds of bananas so googling this has rendered useless.

SE'ers! What the heck are these and how the heck do I eat 'em?!

Help a girl out!


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