San Francisco - quick eats

I had all week to plan for a work trip to SF, and of course, I got busy and distracted and never bothered to figure out what I'd do for food while I'm on my own.

Anyway, I'll have at least one lunch after landing Monday afternoon, and probably dinner that night as well. I'm staying @ the Intercontinental on Howard (near 5th), but only because I'm on the company dollar.

I'm a big fan of Midtown Lunch (the blog) style food - the cheap eats, no/low frills, relaxed atmosphere. Not picky about the exact type of cuisine, but if it's something unique to SF (or at least hard to find in NYC), that's an extra bonus.

Oh - and I did see the article about the best tacos in the Mission District. That's an option for dinner, but I'm definitely looking for something walkable for lunch.

Thanks in advance, hugs all around, etc.


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