Salt, tuna salad, husband and Kenji

This made me laugh, so I had to post.

I do most of the cooking at our house. I've been adjusting the salt and saturated fat in our diet that past couple of weeks. However, this is my busiest month of the year. (I'm the web geek for a national travel company.) In August, I barely have time to breathe, let alone cook.

I asked my husband to throw together some tuna salad/saltines for dinner. (Hey, I can eat at the computer and still type with one's that busy.)

But he added stuff, and I added stuff, each ignoring the other, and we ended up slightly oversalted. This doesn't normally bother my husband, MrHappySaltyFace, but I've been reducing salt the last week or two, so he really noticed it.

We cogitated on what to add to correct it. I mentioned lemon juice, but thought it might make it worse. (If something is WAY over salted, it seems to make it worse to me. :P)

My husband, not an SE reader, grabbed a bottle of lemon juice and added a squirt, and said, "Lemon juice CUTS the salt. Didn't Kenji tell you that?"

I inhaled sharply with a saltine in my mouth, laughing, and choked. I obviously talk about SeriousEats wayyyyy too much.

By the way, tuna salad was perfect.


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