Roommate/College Food Stories

Spun off from responses from a different topic - Do you have any roommate food stories, good or bad?

My college roommate experiences are still rather fresh, so I have quite a few food/roommate stories. Sophomore year, I offered to share my mini fridge and tupper ware with my then good friend/roommate. There was a communal kitchen on our floor, so she would sometimes cook, maybe once a week. I would only cook maybe once a month, and only when it was a group pot luck. One week, we decided to cook together and she made this fabulous bean dish. She put the leftovers in the fridge, and week after week went by with her not eating it or disposing of it. I kept reminding her about it, and there came a point when it smelled so rank that I said "hey...I'm going to throw this out." She got so angry, so I just let it go. Literally two months later... IT WAS STILL THERE. I threw out the tupper ware with the molded beans, and she got so upset and angry! After that point, our friendship deteriorated and we haven't talked to each other in five years.

My junior year, I had a friend who kept eating all my food, but I didn't really care too much in the beginning. My passiveness towards the situation really screwed me up, since she eventually started eating whole loaves of bread and jars of peanut butter within few days of me buying the stuff! Ridiculously, she one day said "You ran out of PB and bread, you need to get some more!" and that's when I yelled at her ... I also never spoke to her again.

Maybe it was me!! :( Hope you all have some fun/funny/crazy stories to share!


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