Refrigerator Styles- preferences

Long story short, dishwasher died this weekend, fridge is older and making funny clunking noises after every motor run, and I just hate the range in the house that is probably older than I am.

So we are getting new appliances, and while I know what I want for the dishwasher and range, I'm torn on the fridge. I have a standard top freezer bottom fridge right now, which is what I grew up with, so it's familiar to me. I also have a full size upright freezer and a mini beer fridge in the basement. I really miss the french doors with lower freezer drawer we bought at our previous house, but we have limited space so it would be a smaller model. I'm not really a fan of side by sides, so I'm leaning towards a top fridge, bottom drawer freezer. I'm hoping for around a 20 cubic foot option. What do you serious eaters have for fridges, and what would you buy next time if given a $1500 or so budget ?


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