Recipe for sauerkraut with apples

Hi, I'm looking for a recipe for sauerkraut with apples where the apples are fermented with the cabbage. Someone gave me some of this once and it was really good but I can't find the recipe for it anywhere. All I can find when I search the term are recipes for sauerkraut with apples as in a pie or cake. She mentioned a specific ratio for the cabbage and apples but I don't remember what it is.

Also, my grandmother told me they used to ferment their kraut on the 'north side of the house in a barrel' during the summer. I'm hungry for homemade kraut and was wondering if someone had experience doing this on their back porch? Would you recommend it? I don't see a problem except that it will ferment a lot faster than usual and the neighbors might be a little offended.


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