Pre-made pizza crust: Why? or Why Not?

When I first saw Slice, I knew that I'll have to talk about this, and while I sometimes think I could get excommunicated from here if I mention it, here goes. Pre-made pizza crust. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes when you're pizza making, you just don't want to spend 20 minutes or more kneading the dough or waiting for it to rise. When the feeling strikes, you want to get as close to now as possible. Or maybe you want a uniform canvas when you're testing out your latest sauce recipe or you want to compare cheeses and/or toppings. Again, it's more about getting to the moment of truth than waiting around. I have made my own crust before, usually with mixes like Chef Boyardee, Appian Way or store brand (the last two are made at the factory where I work), but when I make pizzas, it's usually with a pre-made crust. So, in your mind, is it OK, a necessary evil, or just plain evil? And if you share my view, which crust do you think is the best canvas?


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