New Paltz, NY... "The Berkeley of the East"!

Il Gallo Giallo Wine Bar has just opened at 36 Main Street and, while they are a small-plates Italian wine bar, they are serving a delicious burger (and cold beer to go with it)! It's a seven ounce square made from locally-raised beef sourced from Kiernan Farm, about ten minutes drive away. Kiernan raises a cross of Angus and Herefords, grass-fed with no growth hormones. Il Gallo Giallo seasons their burger with salt and pepper and cooks it on a cast iron griddle with clarified buttet, It is plated on locally-baked ciabatta bread (good tasting and holds the juices without getting soggy) along with freshly-cut fries. The fries are cooked along with rosemary and sage sprigs that blend well with the shoestring potatoes. This is a seriously good burger! The meat is rich and flavorful, juicy and tender. Their roasted marrow bones come from the same farm, and they are also terrific. This is the best tasting burger in New Paltz!


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