Is it Offal etiquette to misrepresent your dish?

The Nasty Bits posted an April Bloomfield tongue recipe that inspired me to include it as a dish for an upcoming holiday dinner with a bunch of kids,family,friends,etc.

Suppose you were my meat eating guest. Would you be offended if I served tongue but billed it as "beef in a tangy sauce". In other words,you already eat beef but may be grossed out by the thought of eating tongue. I know everyone doesn't do this,but I am a crowd pleaser and assuming I think the tongue will be universally enjoyed,I'd rather leave out the dirty "tongue" word.

Would you be pissed if I told you what you ate after dinner?

I am not talking about people that don't eat tongue,specifically. I am referring to the unadventerous guests that think that eating tongue is gross b/c they are immature or don't know better.


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