cooking disasters?

Have only been coming here a few days. Love to cook/eat, but consider myself a bit of a "mad scientist" in kitchen... we don't need no stinking RECIPE!?! Only baking successes I'm able to have is cookie for the holidays.

I like to start at a new site by sharing kitchen FAILS!?!

When I was about 18-19 yo, my Dad decided we'd have Beef Wellington for Sunday dinner. Pretty sure he probably saw it on Julia or Jeff Smith... one of few cooking shows around WAY back then. I was pretty comfortable in kitchen so just got out cookbook. Seemed simple enough... pastry dough wrapped around BIG $$ hunk beef tenderloin... which Dad definitely wanted on the rare side.

It looked great going into oven and like a cookbook illustration when it acme out!

Well, when Dad tired to carve it... the crust would NOT CUT!! We almost hadda chisel it off. Luckily, the beef inside was PERFECT! Still hear about that dinner from my brother.

Any fails you're willing to share?


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