cast iron... 2nd try!?!

Anyone here a BIG fan of cooking in cast iron? I became reunited with it after finding 3 great, but crusty skillets for $1 each at a yard sale. After serious elbow grease and lots of USE... as close to non-stick as you can get and still be able to use metal tools.

EVERY piece in my growing collection came from a yard sale, thrift store, or flea market... and NOTHING cost over $5.

Have to seriously restrain myself from buying something I KNOW I already have! Always looking for unusual items... like a little, diamond-shaped Lodge skillet, marked "egg" on bottom.

On my "wish list'... muffin/pop-over pan(s), bread/loaf pan(s), and a DEEP "chicken" fryer.

Though I have a Lodge Dutch oven... would love to find one that's enamel in and out... doesn't even have to be perfect.

Are you a CI junkie like me?!?


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