Can you make cabbage in a slow cooker like this?

I don't like cabbage. It smells up the whole house when you make stuffed cabbage. I don't like saurkraut.

I have my Grandmother's recipe for cabbage and noodles, though, and it's the only way I'll eat it.

It's simple, cabbage, noodles, onions, salt, pepper, bacon, and the flavor booster is Gravy Master.

It starts by chopping up the cabbage and putting it in a large frying pan of butter, olive oil, and salt. It cooks down. Takes about 35 or 40 minutes for it all to get tender. After the initial butter was gone, I added some water and put a lid on it to steam. If it's crunchy I won't eat it.

Problem is one frying pan won't hold enough cabbage.. I can get a whole head in there, but there's not enough cabbage to noodle ratio.

Can I do cabbage in a slow cooker? This way I'll be able to fit more and I can start it in the morning.


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