Brilliant ideas that became big ol' failures

My market had a really great price on boneless skinless chicken so I bought two large packages. We typically only use two breasts at a time, so I always separate them as such. I was wanting to save ziploc bags (it's the Oregon girl in me) and thought I'd try wax paper to use to separate each pair of breasts and then place in a freezer gallon-size zip lock.

Mistake. Never do this. It is not brilliant. Don't ask me why I thought it would work so well. My mind only heard wax and forgot the paper part of the name. The chicken breasts are now one giant, solid hunk of meat and became impossible to separate without thawing the iceblock that is made of chicken. I tried using a knife to pry it a part. I tried beating it with a meat mallet. Semi-thawing it. Nope.

So, what brilliant ideas have you come up with in the kitchen that turned out to be an idiot bomb?


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