Advice on Starting a Small Food-based Business

I'm looking for advice on an idea I've bee throwing around. Here it is:

The town I live in is fairly small, but has an active Saturday farmers market. It is quite popular with locals in the area. Most of the booths are produce, with some crafts worked in, a bakery or two, and a few people selling pickled/jellied things. I am considering getting a booth at the market selling prepared food that people could take home and have for a meal. I would start off with soups (something I know I'm good at and can make in large quantities for cheap) sold in individual and family-sized servings. I'd like cook with produce I bought in the market the week before, making sure that everything is seasonal and local. In the future we could expand to some specialty baked goods, as this is one of my wife's talents. Eventually we could offer other types of foods as well.

Is this something you would purchase at your farmer's market (assuming they taste good of course)? Has anyone tried a similar business?

I'm obviously not trying to make a living off of this, just trying to bring in some extra money doing something I enjoy. Any advice is appreciated!


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