Who here has a pressure cooker?

I have some cooking magazine where they reviewed a few pressure cookers. I was thinking about maybe getting a Cuisinart electric one, so I don't have to sit and monitor the pressure, but it's $100 and I don't know what I'd use it for.

So, what do you use it for? The only thing I usually see on TV is fried chicken. I've also heard about beans, but that doesn't seem to interest me other than chili and that I just used canned stuff.

My main thing is if it can cook me good tender beef I'd be happy. I have trouble cooking steaks in the oven.. always get overdone. I have a wireless thermometer, but if not inserted right it doesn't give accurate results.. last time it wasn't in right it goes beep beep your food is almost done.. the meat was under done, so I put it back in and ended up over cooking it. Threw my portion out. Girlfriend at hers.

Will beef/steak come out stringy or just really tender in a pressure cooker? Is it easy to over cook in the pressure cooker? Like I have to keep watching it? I don't like stringy beef (you know like pulled pork sandwiches or that stuff mexicans stuff in tacos). I either like my meat steak or ground.


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