safe to eat?

I'm in the unlucky mess that got hit hard on Friday night and still has no power 60+ hours later, in 90+ degree heat. We saved some of our food on ice and some went into a friend's freezer, who ended up losing power but a full 18 hours after ours went out. Items in question: a) a block of cheddar cheese- it's unopened (shrink-wrapped), stayed cool (though not cold) and looks fine. b) chili and sauce, both with cooked meat, in an unopened freezer and still very frozen in the middle c) coconut milk- same deal as the cheese d) frozen veggies- now thawed :(

are any of these still safe? I don't want to take a big risk, but we've thrown out SO much food already that I'd love to save something.. and it would give us dinner for a night or two


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