How to Cook American Waygu (Bone-In New York from Lobels)

I have splurged on steak. Tomorrow a car payment's worth of beef will arrive at my door in the form of two steaks, and I fear my ambition exceeds my skill in how to prep these things. I've been through this site thoroughly and still have some basic lingering questions:

(1) Pan vs. grill (charcoal)? I am leaning towards grill, starting with indirect and finishing with direct / sear. What I really care about here is: (a) getting a good sear in the end product and (b) idiot proofing the process. Advice is welcome.

(2) If grill, to oil or not to oil? I gather to only oil the cooking grate (in contrast to putting oil in the pan or on the steak directly as with the pan method).

(3) Amount of salt, time to salt, and whether to wash before cooking? I am leaning towards ~1tsp of kosher salt per side for 40 minutes, then dry, but no wash. But... I fear that with a higher quality meat I risk oversalting and would appreciate any guidance.


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