How different are grape juice and wine from one another?

What does wine taste like? How different is it from grape juice, red and white?

Reason I ask is, one, I've never had and will never have any, and two, to improve my alcohol substitution skills.

As someone who doesn't consume any alcohol, I've been substituting various liquids for recipes calling for various types of alcohol, with some pretty good results. See this Talk post here on it where some of you helped contribute:

The thing I sometimes struggle with is my substituting liquid, which is usually red or white grape juice. When using it, sometimes a recipe will come out sweet.

I've done stuff like "cut the sweetness" with red wine vinegar for red grape juice. It worked. I think.

But I don't know, and neither do any of my family members/guests since we've never cooked with alcohol before (we're Muslim).

I guess a better question would be, if you had to use red grape juice as a substitute, how different is it from red wine? What would you do to it to make it similar to red wine in terms of sweetness, tartness, etc.?

Same for white grape juice?



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