Help me cook a parrot fish

So I've got a parrot fish. Picked one up at a wet market today, mostly because I really like the bright colors.

In my kitchen I also have lemon, garlic, coconut milk, pineapple, soy sauce, flour and a breading mix, S&P, chili powder, shredded papaya in vinegar, and... that's pretty much it. Various types of liquor.

How would you cook the fish? My 'kitchen' here is only equipped with two electric portable burners, and I have a little toaster/convection oven that would probably fit the fish. I was thinking I could put it in some coconut milk and wrap in foil with S&P? Or maybe incorporate pineapple into there somehow? I also have a lapu lapu which is a little red fish that I'll probably just fry with some breading.

What say you, SEaters?


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