Has your pantry salt changed?

Mine has. Like most Americans, my first salt was the one with the girl with the umbrella. After reading enough cook books and watching enough cooking shows, I switched kosher salt. I began to realize that different salts taste different and can help to define what makes the food you cook taste delicious and specific to you. I started to experiment with sea salts that were easy to find: standard supermarket sea salt, usually from France or Spain, Hawaiian pink salt, Maldon sea salt. From there, I moved to online salts like Fleur de Sel and grey salt. While, I still keep some grey salt and Fleur de Sel for specific recipes, my current pantry salt is Sicilian sea salt from Trapani. I get 1000g for $2.80 at a local Italian grocery and buy 3 boxes at a time. I use it for everything from pasta water to seasoning steaks to a finishing salt. I find it reflects my Italian-American heritage and taste in cooking. So what is your salt story?


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