"Finally Landed the Job" Celebration in the TC

After over five years of constant effort, including getting another Master's degree, countless networking meetings and endless hours of interviews, I found out this morning that I finally landed the job that I have been aiming for that whole time.

Now I want to celebrate, but I have a few restrictions: It would be with my parents, but my father is deathly allergic to seafood, so Stella's is out, and hates Asian food. My mother has a mouth condition that prevents her from eating spicy foods, like Indian, or tomato or citrus-based foods. Finally, I don't want to spent too much money on it, so the Lexington is out.

So, with all of that in mind, does anyone familiar with or living in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) have any good ideas on where to go? I am totally open for ideas, just keeping in mind my parents' issues. Any ideas are happily welcome! Thanks in advance!


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