Cinnamon/Sugar Paste for Rolls/Buns?

Soft Cinnamon rolls are a common treat in this house. I usually sprinkle a mixture of sugar(s) and cinnamon in the dough before rolling, the 'standard' method. I'd like to try replacing the sprinkles with a paste, probably bound and fluffed with some butter. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any idea what the butter-to-sugar ratio should be? My Baking Brain says 'whip the heck out of it,' making it much lighter than a butter cream icing, as the dough already has plenty of fat and sugar. I'm not trying to make Carmel Rolls, where a similar paste goes into the bottom of the pan, but rather substitute the paste for the sprinkled cinnamon and sugar mixture. This paste might also help to hold raisins and/or chopped nuts in a more uniform position. As always, all thoughts and ideas are welcome. Thank you.


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