Brioche-type dough - How long will it keep?

Hi all! I work in a bakery and I make a brioche-sort of dough to use for cinnamon rolls. I make a large enough batch that I can portion into several half-dozen-yielding balls, and they're double wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge. I usually don't make enough dough to last over 10 days, and the usual latest length of time I've used the dough from the date of production was probably 7-8 days. This seems to be too long because the rolls take longer to proof, and when baked, they don't get nearly as brown as the dough that's used sooner.

My question is, why is this happening? Is the length of time in the fridge just killing too much of the yeast? I don't want to add more yeast to compensate for some of it dying while in the fridge, cause the recipe has already been modified with extra yeast as it is. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue, short of just using the dough sooner? Thanks in advance for any advice :)


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