Black Rice

My sister gave me a bag of black rice. (She's a caterer...every time I visit, she sends me home with all sorts of weird things.)

I finally cooked some up today, as a dinner side, with a bit of mushroom, sweet pepper, onion, celery, garlic and thyme, and some chicken broth.

As my sister warned me, everything was black. I thought she meant the vegetables would be tinted, but they aren't. They're black, and you really can't tell the difference between the rice and the veggies, when it's on the plate.

This is EXCELLENT stuff. It's sort of short-to-medium-grain. It kind of pops when you bite down on it, even when completely cooked. Tastes great, great texture. I'm just not sure what to DO with the rest of it. While it's wonderful, I really like some color differentiation in my food unless I'm trying to make a point. lol.

It was wonderful stirred in with my tomato/cucumber salad, and with my steamed broccoli, but I'm not sure what to do, otherwise.



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