Apps to Have for a Night of Drinking

Every person should be prepared for at least a couple of situations when they go out drinking. Modern technology is here to help assuming that you have a fancy smart phone to rely on.

Need a list of good drinks? Try Mixologist for a dollar on the app store, or its free version Mixology. It gives you an enormous list of drinks and step by step instructions for mixing them yourselves. If you input the ingredients you have on hand it can tell you what cocktails you can concoct (which helped me discover the Bloody Ninja: Sake and Bloody Mary Mix). It can also use GPS to direct you to the nearest liquor store.

Want to know when you will be sober? Drink Timer, also 1$ on the app store, lets you keep track of how much alcohol you have consumed and tells you how fast your system will process the alcohol.

Have no idea what to drink? Absolut released a free app called "Drinkspiration" that will tell what you want to drink based on anything from what the weather is to what mood you are in. As I sit here typing on a typical cloudy and rainy Washington State day, I input my weather and it recommended to me a quite good alcoholic hot chocolate recipe that warmed me right up.

Need to NOT send an "impassioned" phone call to a former boyfriend/girlfriend? Textalyzer is a buck on the app store and will save you from text regret. It makes you solve games or riddles in order to text certain numbers. If you fail the test, it will save the text message for 12 hours and then ask you again if you want to send it (the answer usually being no). The games are just downright fun to play, even when you're sober.

So for a paltry three dollars you can turn your phone into a drinking assistance device (D.A.D.) that will keep you out of trouble and having a good time!

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