Anyone remember the pizza place of my youth? (Jamaica, Queens)

Although I grew up in neighboring Hollis, my grandmother lived - for 60+ years and eventually died - in a house located in Jamaica right in between Hillside Avenue and Jamaica Avenue on 172nd Street.

I remember as a child and later on as an adult when I lived with grandma for a while in 1989 and on subsequent visits to see her - most recently with my wife at the time in the mid '90s - the corner pizza place. It was the place we all swore by. When we visited grandma, it was tradition to get a few pies from the place and it was always great - the crust was thin but held up under the weight of the cheese. So greasy, but in a good way, with a sublime sauce that complimented everything, the perfect slice to take on the Subway on a greasy white plate in one hand and the Village Voice in the other.

Even as an adult with more discerning tastes, I would always hit the same place for a slice as I went into or out of the Subway (the place was on the corner on the way to the train station entrance at Hillside and 169th Street). The place was on the corner of Hillside and 170th Street. I hit the Google maps to see if I could find it...

And now it's a Crown Chicken & Pizza! Wow, another part of my childhood gone... :(

I did some searching to see if the old business located at the address - 17002 Hillside Avenue in Jamaica - could be found online but I couldn't find anything. I am wondering if the denizens of Slice who have been haunting New York street corners for a long time might have any recollection of this place. Or if anyone has any old Queens Yellow Pages who might be able to find the name of the place.

I distinctly remember the same guy in the place, whether I was a kid who was there with my father picking up pizza for a visit with Grandma, and then as an adult when I lived in Brooklyn and would visit grandma solo on the F-Train, and even as a tourist when I moved away from New York and would go back to visit friends and food and a city I loved.


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