Aluminum Fry Pan - cleaning and seasoning

I'm going off to college in about a month and I really want to cook for myself. There's this episode of No Reservations where Tony talks about chef fry pans and he buys a few from a restaurant supply store and says they never wear, cheap, reliable, etc. Obviously, I wanted one. So I went to a kitchen supply store in boston and bought this:

The problem is, I tried seasoning it once with shortening as it said on its label; it left weird brown stains. Cleaning the pan is really difficult as those stains do not come off with cream of tartar, vinegar, or dishwashing liquid (I know, ruining the seasoning...). The only thing that works is steel wool. And also, even after seasoning, it still could not fry an egg as well as a crappy non stick pans.

So help! How do I clean this pan and is the performance I'm getting expected or did I season it wrong?


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