10-year wines: wines worth saving for a decade.

My wedding is coming up in October and when the Future Husband and I discussed ideas for the ceremony, the wine box ceremony seemed to be the perfect fit.

Essentially, in lieu of unity sand or a candle, each of us writes a love letter to the other, and locks them up inside a box with a good bottle of wine, only to be opened on X anniversary, or if the marriage falls on hard times, and the couple needs a reminder of the way they felt on their wedding day. Further reading on that subject here.

Since I'm planning to open the box on our 10-year anniversary, I pose this question to the SE community: what wines are worth saving for a decade? Immediately, I think big reds (merlot, malbec, etc) but my fiance isn't always fond of them. Champagne or sparkling wine seems like a great option, but the issue of storing it that long concerns me. It seems tough store it at an angle, let alone turn it occasionally if it's locked in a box. I'm also not looking to spend a huge fortune on this, I'm shooting for $50 or less.

Does anyone have suggestions? Should I just go red and try to develop the fiance's palette over the next decade?

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