Wusthof Silverpoint II 10 Piece Set vs. Classic 7" Santoku?

After a good 6 years lurking around SE, I'm finally the plunge into the wide world of commenting--I'm in need of some specific advice!

Through a rewards point program, I've got the opportunity to 'buy' one of two Wusthof sets, and am wondering if anyone has experience with either and can give me feedback on the knives.

Up until know, I've relied on the assortment of cheap knives that I've inherited from my mother and older sister over the past 7 years or so. But, I think I might finally be ready to let myself have nice things. I've got two options.

The first is the Silverpoint II 10-piece block set. It includes a 2-1/4" birds beak paring knife, 3" paring knife, 3" spear point paring knife, 4-1/2" utility knife, 7" Santoku knife, 8" bread knife, 8" cooks knife, 9" sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a 13-slot wood block. It'll cost me the equivalent of about $55

The second option is a Classic 7" Santoku Knife with a wood cutting board. It'll cost about the equivalent of aout $50.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to any stores where I could actually physically pick up the knives and try them out between now and when my points expire. I've been doing some googling and have figured out that the Silverpoint seems to be among the lower qualities lines that Wusthof makes, while the Classic is pretty high quality. I'm just not sure if the value is better spent on a variety of lower-quality knives or a single high-quality knife.

So, SE Community: any recommendations on which set (if either) would give me the best bang for my buck?


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