Wet Sunday, windy Monday

So tropical storm Debby has decided to camp out in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Sunday was wild as we wet vac'ed and mopped water out of our house. 14 1/2 inches of rain in less than 24 hours most of it at high tide will cause problems. Watched a couple of our papaya trees snap and break apart and the water totally swamp our dock. Today is just a lot of wind. We lost power for about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. I was up at 4:30 Sunday morning and had nothing to eat until around 3:30 Sunday afternoon. My husband drove across the bridge and got burgers from Checkers. The dude in the drive thru asked if he was from the beach. He said yes and the dude said if it were not for the beach folks they would have considered closing.

My question is while Checkers burgers are not the best, when you can't cook and are really, really hungry does marginal food taste like 5 star restaurant food when you just require sustenance? It did for us as no one talked, just ate and loved it.


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