LA dinner recommendations

At first I thought I'd be able to quickly research some restaurants to go to, but after about 2 hours, I'm still completely clueless. LA is HUUGE...

A few guidelines: -We'll be a group of 5; ages 16 to 75 -Probably staying at a hotel around LAX so somewhere in that general area would be nice -Family is visiting from Japan, so I thought it might be interesting to visit one of the more non-traditional Japanese restaurants around as sort of a "look-what-kinds-of-things-they're-doing-with-sushi-over-here" kind of thing. (Also, I haven't had good sushi in a really long time) -Other kinds of restaurants I was considering: Seafood, South American/Mexican, Korean, Chinese, etc. (We aren't really into French/Italian/American much...) -Preferably a restaurant where we can try lots of small/different dishes. Tasting menu/Omakase is okay too

Finally, and most importantly: It should be something worth going to LA for.



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