Favorite SE advice/recipe/instruction... and a thank you.

I didn't know how to cook a hamburger until I began reading Serious Eats. Not just AHT, but the Food Lab, and I also credit the overall fun yet sincerely instructive tone of the site. So tonight I had a chance to shine for the neighborhood. The bfs were in charge, but the grill wasn't lighting (damp charcoal-yucky) then the electric grill was missing a cord. There were 12 hungry neighbors, and me and the man, and I was able to confidently take orders on burger temp (ok, big or little, pink or not were the options, but still!) and turned out four at a time with a good sear, while carmelizing home grown onions, offering options for american or cheddar, and simultaneously creating a big cutting board full of little additions like LTO, then the usual ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles. I grilled the potato rolls, too. It was a hit, and while I took all the credit, I was riding on a wave of burger and hospitality inspiration from SE people. I wanted to share that. You all got some good SE inspired wins, too?


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