Ever froze cookie dough? Help me!

I made a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. I used the recipe I always use, they came out of the oven looking great. I only baked half of the dough. The other half I wrapped in wax paper and taped shut and placed in a zip-lock freezer bag. That was about 2 weeks ago. Tonight I pulled a roll out of the freezer and cut slices off, placed them on a baking sheet and slid them in a preheated oven. They came out very flat like lifeless pancakes. As they cooled off they became hard as a rock. I had to scrape most of them in the garbage... I can't figure out what went wrong! This is my first time freezing cookie dough. So I didn't know what to expect. I was out of cooking spray so I used olive oil to grease the cookie sheet.

Any thoughts? Tips?

Thank you so much!

Chef Teebs


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