Emergency Pizza Sauce, Experimental, V-1.0

Who among slicers has not seen endless taste tests of tomatoes in a half-dozen forms, Paulie G.'s secret tomatoes and the debate over straight canned vs. a cooked sauce? I recently had need for some red pie sauce with zing and no time to play around, usong only what was at hand. Frankly, it was far better than I had expected...

One 28 Oz. can of Hunt's no added salt PLUM tomatoes. (See notes) FIVE peeled cloves of fresh garlic (I did say 'zing' right?) 1 Tbs. dry basil Tomato paste to thicken, about 2/3 of 6 Oz can, so about 4 Oz. Salt to taste Drain tomatoes reserving juice. Remove residual skin bits and top core as necessary. Cut open and remove most seeds, tossing tomato flesh, garlic and basil into a blender. Whiz on low speed, high if necessary, to get things blended. While the juice is drained, this is still very wet. Add tomato paste, 1 Tbs. at a time and continue blending until the desired consistency is achieved. I like mine a bit on the thick side, so I used about 2/3 of the small can. Your mileage may vary. Taste and add salt if necessary. I prefer less as there is plenty in the cheese and pepperoni and/or sausage to follow. Let it sit while making the Emergency, Need it NOW Pizza Dough, to be posted at another time. While the pizza was a bit short of world-class, it served the purpose and was on the table in ~90 minutes. In my never humble opinion, the sauce was one of the tastiest in recent memory. Best wishes. Note: This posting engine demands entries, but has no place to put them. Some text duplicates between post and recipe, but they don't give me much choice. If you are interested, you'll figure it out.

Total Time:  Zero Active Time:  10 Minutes Number Serves:  A pizza or two per size Equipment:  Blender and paring knife


Emergency Pizza Sauce, Experimental, V-1.0

One 28 Oz. can of Hunt’s no added salt PLUM tomatoes.
FIVE peeled cloves of fresh garlic.
1 Tbs. dry basil.
Tomato paste to thicken.
Salt to taste
See post for details.


See original post. It is all there and dirt simple: Clean tomatoes, blend, thicken as needed with tomato paste, blend and use.


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