Complete Idiot's Guide to Pizzamaking

I have been a daily visitor to Slice for over a year now, and I am continually amazed at all of the beautiful pies that show up on My Pie Monday, only to find the next week that someone was able to decode the cryptic percentages from the previous week's post to recreate the same masterpiece. I would love to join your ranks, but I have found all of the guides go way above my head.

Even with the most basic recipes, here are the challenges I find myself facing:

1) Even the most basic how-to guides seem to skip crucial steps about what it looks like to spread out "a little flour" for the base when you are stretching out the dough, how to stretch the dough, how to transfer the raw pizza to the oven if you don't have one of those big wooden things, etc. 2) The ingredients. I live in rural Texas (I may or may not have found myself driving around Houston with the windowns rolled down hoping to sniff my way to TXCraig's garage) and don't have access to a high-end store with an abundant selection of artisnal cheeses and flours. While I can see a recipe calls for something called 00 flour and some mozzarella, I have no clue what brand names to look for at the supermarket or if that's even possible to find (think Super Walmart or Target).

I would love to see a Slice article on the "Slice'ers' Guide to the Supermarket" that breaks down the best widely distributed flours, cheeses, canned tomatoes, etc. to use, but any help you are able to offer on my concerns would be greatly appreciated!


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