Where Has This Burger Been My Whole Life?

Perusing for a new lens for my camera, I came across this video testing said lens. The video is of a roadside stand in Malaysia featuring what look to be one helluva burger. Check it out! The bun is buttered then toasted atop the griddle, the burger, which is also griddled, and is where the really exciting part is, the cook cracks an egg, stirs it, places the patty in the middle of the egg, and then flips the "skirt" over so the whole thing envelops the patty. Fresh lettuce, onion seems to be the condiments, with what looks like Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, or maybe Hoisin sauce used in copious amounts. He also cooks something that might be sausage or a fish cake or a pork patty. Anyways, I have never seen anything like this, it looks so good. Perfect drunk food. Apparently, this Malaysian creation is called a "Ramly Burger". The lens didn't look half bad either...


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