Restaurant complaints

I went out to a local casual Italian restaurant earlier today and had a really bad experience. The bruschetta had so much garlic that it was rendered inedible. We sent it back to the kitchen and over heard (he shouted) the owner say "if they wanted light garlic they should have asked" then our entrees arrived, my son and I ordered the same thing, chicken franchaise. It was so salty but what really ruined our meal was that my sons was still raw. We sent it back and they didn't charge us but the owner didn't come talk to us. That really bothered me and I won't be going back. I'm tired of wasting money on bad meals and poor service. So I have a policy of letting them know if there is a problem. I'm curious how my SE amigos handle bad meals and service issues. Do you complain to the server? Ask for the owner/manager? Ask for items taken off the bill? Let me know.


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