One- Skillet Wonders?!?...

So, it's the busiest time of the year for both myself & my Other Half. We are up daily around 5 a.m. (4:45-5:15), leave home at 6:20 & 6:30, & neither of us returns until at LEAST 4:30, usually much later... The dogs are already suffering, & our dinner is beginning to as well. Usually don't get around to eating until 8-9:30 right now. We try to eat healthy during the week & have fun on the weekends... I do crockpot meals, he grills on the weekend, and we def know how to do other "big" items that we can repurpose & use throughout the week. But we are also in the middle of remodeling 2 baths & shopping for a new mattress set... Amongst other projects...Have tried lots of "skillet" meals from the store (spoofing them up, always), but are not happy... Too much salt, cheese, etc... Any ideas out there for quick & easy 1- pot/skillet meals that aren't so generic? And fairly Healthy? Any ideas appreciated- Thanks in advance!!!- Chris


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