Ninth Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour.

The 9th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour will be on Saturday, Sept. 22nd. It's been mentioned here before, but I'd like to remind everyone. Those who want to attend, contact Benzee (Erwin Benz) who handles the travel arrangements and reservations. He does the lion's share of the work. Send a message here or email him at [email protected] I'm responsible for the itinerary and contacting the establishments and making sure they can handle our group. I try to get discounts, and freebies but will not add a place unless they put out a good product regardless of what they are willing to do for us. Different styles of hot dogs are featured.Old favorites are rotated while new places are added. I also try to get media coverage. I'd love to have television coverage for once.

The final itinerary is not set yet, but I do have a few places picked out which will be revealed at a future time. There will be at least 2 places that have not previously been on the Tour. And probably 3. Two are fairly new. There will be a nice surprise waiting for us at some of the stops. There is also a great chance that a local television station will do a short piece on the Tour. I'll know for sure soon. Hopefully one of the newspapers will be there.

Since we've expanded to 2 buses in the last few years, time is an issue. It takes longer at each stop with one extra bus. We were almost charged a couple of hundred dollars for exceeding the time alloted or agreed on. We do not make money on this Tour. What's left over gets spent on refreshments on the bus and goes to supplement the driver's tip. For this reason we will have to have the stops closer together than in the past. This may mean not having a stop I'd like to have included. Another place making a product in the same style (and of the same quality) could replace this one. Fortunately the stops I have in mind are fairly close together, including the newer ones.

It's shaping up to be the best Tour yet. Reserve early to be a part of it.


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