How Do You Like Your Mac n' Cheese?

What kind of mac n' cheese do you prefer? Do you make yours with a bechamel sauce? Does it come out of a Kraft or Annie's box? Do you make it on the stove top or in the oven? Has your technique evolved?

I used to make a fancy (I thought) recipe with a white sauce cooked with herbs and a bread crumb topping. It was bland and goopy. Then I saw a recipe for crusty mac in the NYTimes. No sauce, no bread crumbs, just a ton of shredded cheddar, American cheese, and a little milk. Pop in the oven until brown and crisp on top. SO GOOD.

When I'm extra lazy I just mix cooked whole wheat macaroni on the stovetop with some butter, some grated cheddar, and some chopped up vegetarian deli meat. I eat it with a dash of pick-a-pepper sauce. Go ahead, judge me.

When camping, I get so hungry that I eventually swallow my shame and mix a bag of cooked pasta with some cans of Campbell's cheese soup. Then I swear I'll never do it again.


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